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Choosing a Successful Office Location

Posted on 8th June, 2017



The location of your office determines visibility, accessibility, and public perception. Like any first impression, the wrong location can leave a sour taste in the mouths of clients, customers, and investors. To facilitate business success, choose the location that best serves the business and its customers.


The Importance of an Office Location


While marketing and branding can enhance business success, the right location will facilitate operations and maximize the bottom line. Think about the businesses customers frequent most often. Successful businesses place storefronts and offices in areas that are visible and easy to reach. They meet a need within the community while simultaneously overshadowing the competition.


Great companies recognize the role location plays in operational expenses. Location impacts taxes, security, utilities, and other overhead costs. In short, a business location can either help a business grow or shorten its life expectancy.


Choosing a Successful Office Location Around Oklahoma City


Before you sign a lease with the first empty office space available, look for the following qualities to secure a successful office location:


  1. Appearance. Looks matter. Whether you’re opening a trendy hair salon or a professional insurance company location, the space needs to match the brand. Find a location that gives your target market the right experience. For example, a business-to-business IT consulting office might succeed in a well-traveled office park filled with other businesses, but a consumer-facing business may need a more retail-oriented space.

  2. Strong agreement terms. Every business must consider its own leasing or purchasing terms. Consider timeframes, business readiness, and exit strategies. Striking a deal with the right commercial developer and realtor can impact the overall business experience. Austin Properties offers complete services for commercial office development, leasing, and sales for a complete commercial real estate experience.

  3. Proximity to competitors. Companies often choose one of two strategies for locating around competitors – they either move close to the competition or try to corner an untapped market. Consider the customer journey to determine the strategy that will help your business succeed.

In northwest Oklahoma City and nearby Edmond, businesses can find office spaces for every type of business. The area boasts existing offices in industrial parks, business neighborhoods, and along frequented thoroughfares as well as prime real estate for new offices. Businesses looking for establishment and growth can find a number of safe, accessible, and desirable locations in this expanding business market. Use these tips to find the right location for your brand today.

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