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Creating Your Perfect Office Space in Oklahoma City

Posted on 7th February, 2017


There are two factors to consider when setting up an office in Oklahoma City. The first is finding the space and the second is personalizing it to suit your needs. Each part is important and determined by what you plan to do with the space. For example, a writer or artist who has found too many distractions working at home will need something different than a large firm looking for space to expand a department.


Finding the Space


It may be something you’ve heard before, but it’s still true – location is crucial. It can be easy to get excited about a great space and forget to gauge other factors. How far is the commute? What businesses are your neighbors? Are there lunch options nearby? What is the crime rate for the area? Your realtor has a wealth of knowledge that you should tap into.


Personalizing the Space


Now that you have the space you need, it’s time to make it work for you. One of the biggest mistakes to avoid is concentrating too much on function or aesthetics at the sacrifice of the other. Balance is ideal; you will be more productive if the space works and inspires as well. Consider the color scheme and lighting; both can impact how well the space works.


Consider the Use


Not only does the space need to work for you, it must also present the right image if you will have clients dropping in. Make sure your office space is inviting. When setting up your area, plan for organization so you can keep it tidy and professional in appearance.


Keep it Healthy


Illnesses are common in the close confines of a well-insulated office space, but you can take steps to keep things fresh. A great way to do that is to add live plants. They clean the toxins out of the air and provide oxygen. Fresh flowers do wonders for a natural fragrance. Do not rely too much on spray fresheners, as they contain chemicals that can bother many people.


If you are looking for help finding office space in Oklahoma City, contact Austin Properties. We have a distinguished reputation dating back to 1959. We’re confident we can help you locate the perfect office space for your needs.

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