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Reflect Your Brand in Your Business Space

Posted on 12th July, 2017


You’ve put a lot of work into your products or services. Your social media and public image is carefully crafted to show you’re the best in your field. You want your office space to be an extension of that. Your business space reflects your brand and company values. Here are some ways you can use décor to accentuate your product, facilitate customer comfort and improve employee productivity.


Start with Your Company’s Mission Statement


Before you begin designing your space, make a list of qualities you want your business to project. If you sell technology, you want to project an image that’s energetic and cutting-edge. If you’re a photographer, emphasize your creativity and eye for detail. If you service cars, you need a work space that says you’re meticulously organized and thorough. Once you settle on the image you want to project, make every design choice project that image.


Draw Attention to Your Product or Service


When your customers come in, you want them to see what you sell. Evaluate your work space to see how you can make it available to them. Show them different options. Let them see how it works, make comparisons, and test it out.


Use lighting to direct customer focus. In some situations, this means opening the blinds to let in natural light. Other businesses use recessed lighting or spotlights to illuminate products.


Use Color


If you are a law firm, doctor’s office, or financial institution, you’ll tend toward more neutral colors and traditional décor. Other businesses have more leeway. Consider using a color that stands out in your logo throughout your business.


Think beyond painting one wall. Pull the color throughout by using it in light fixtures and accent furniture. Wherever the customer looks, they see something that reminds them how committed you are to what you’re selling.


Focus on the Customer


Think from the outset how customers will move through their visit. Start from the minute they walk through the door. Are your lights at a comfortable level, or is there glare in areas where it shouldn’t be? Can customers immediately tell where to go when they come in? If they will have to wait for service, provide comfortable seating.


Help Your Employees Work Better


Let your employees know they’re important by contributing to their comfort. Take suggestions for ways to make the workplace more comfortable. Reduce clutter and invest in systems that encourage organization.


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