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Six Ways to Make an Oklahoma Office Space Your Own

Posted on 7th March, 2017


Personalizing your office can help you feel calmer, more comfortable, and productive at work. Creating an individualized space in which to conduct business is an excellent way to get your career or venture started. If you’re looking for easy, affordable ways to decorate your office, try these creative ideas.

1. Start With a Splash of Color


Before you load your office with furniture and knickknacks, opt for a splash of color on the walls. If you own the office, feel free to go all out with colors – paint a bright, eye-catching accent wall or hire someone to paint a mural. If you don’t own the office, you can still add color by hanging posters, photography, or paintings on the walls.


2. Get Your Organization on Point


Next, figure out what you’re going to do about office organization. Office clutter is a major nuisance that can lead to lowered productivity, wasted time, and stress. Invest in a filing system that works for you, whether it’s paper or an electronic database. Install plenty of shelves and cabinets in your office for tidy storage. Make a place for everything, and do your best to keep items where they belong.


3. Fill Your Space With Greenery


Plants – real or artificial – can completely transform the look of an office. Place potted or standing plants around the room in areas where they don’t get in the way. Having greenery in your office creates a natural calming effect and can make your office feel like a more welcoming space.


4. Customize the Lights


Don’t underestimate the power of office lighting. Harsh fluorescent lights can cause headaches, fatigue, and lower productivity. Strive for as much natural light as possible. Raise the blinds or opt for sheer curtains instead of opaque drapes. Use soft lighting and lamps instead of overhead fluorescents to keep your work-space healthier and happier.


5. Emphasize Ergonomics


One of the most important considerations when designing your space is comfort. Purchase furniture that will help you work best, such as an ergonomically designed chair that provides proper back support. Research the best placement for your computer monitor, keyboard, and other office equipment. Ergonomics can help keep your office a healthier place to work.


6. Make it Yours


Finish your office with personal touches from home, such as photos of your spouse, kids, or pets. Create a photo calendar to hang on your wall, or make a photo collage your desktop background. Little reminders of home can make you feel happier while at work. Personal touches can also make office visitors feel more relaxed and comfortable.


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